Custom Multi-Touch
Lead Generation Projects

Are you using multiple touch-points like email, direct mail, and online ads to target specific companies, employee types, or special audiences? GoLeads can help.

Everyone knows how to reach executives at their place or work, but what about at their place of residence? You have been emailing B2B with limited success, but what about sending direct mail to buyers everywhere they spend time?

GoLeads has been in the data processing business for over 20 years and our team of data scientists are known throughout the industry for innovative solutions. Whether it's a simple database suppression project using a customized portal for employees, or something more complex like finding households with multiple acres of land attached, we help experienced marketers get more from their efforts.

  Targeting federal employees of retirement age. Work email, home email, work mailing address, home mailing address, work phone, home phone.

  Finding large company employees eligible for benefits. Work email, home mailing address, programmatic ad targeting.

  Mass tort and class action list builds. Home and work email, home and work mailing addresses, programmatic ad targeting.

And as our clients will point out, we do it cost effectively.

Contact us today and tell us what you're looking for and haven't been able to find. We might just be able to help.

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Reach Prospects At work, Home, and online

"We market to employees nearing retirement age at of some of the largest companies in the USA. We came to GoLeads with a good sized database of telecom employees and explained how we'd like to move beyond email or direct mail only campaigns. The lists were much smaller than we were used to but the results have been more than [7X] what we expected. We're putting as much money as we can into this project."



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