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One of the best ways to find new customers is to pick up the phone and to call them. And GoLeads knows this.

That’s why we continue to take great care in ensuring all of our telemarketing lists are incredibly accurate, so you don’t waste your time dialing disconnected phone numbers. And the more information you can give about your ideal customer, the better. That’s because the tighter the description of your audience, the more targeted your telemarketing list will be.

Create a telemarketing list of businesses

We can help you build telemarketing lists to just about any and every type of audience. For instance, target businesses? We have a database of virtually every business in the US – over 12 million businesses – from the smallest “mom and pop” retail store to the largest corporations. Information includes number of employees, revenue, industry, SIC Codes and all types of geographies, such as state, counties, metros, ZIP Codes and more!

Create a telemarketing list of homeowners

The same is true of our Household database. We have virtually every household in the US – over 110 million of them with over 160MM people. Build your list by selecting homeowners vs. renters, age of consumers, home value, consumer income, and much, much more.

So if you want to generate leads and find new customers by telemarketing, call GoLeads today and work with us to build a telemarketing list.

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Why Use GoLeads?

Our products and services don’t stop there. We can do a lot of things – from your own data portal to finding the list you want. We do data. So turn to GoLeads for your sales and marketing needs.

Thank you for visiting our site. We have a number of lists and data services that we offer to help you learn more about your prospects and customers, and to help you grow your business. From traditional direct mail and telemarketing lists to email lists to database services, such as “Match and Append”, customer suppression files, name verification and more. Contact us today!

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