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Out-market your competition with a GoLeads Response Plus Plan.

Maximize your GoLeads list. We can help you reach your target market online, wherever they happen to be.

Our clients have been adding thousands of ad impressions to their direct mail, telemarketing, and email campaigns and experiencing:

  • Better than average sign ups for seminars.
  • Higher numbers of brand name searches post campaign.
  • Improved response rates on direct mail campaigns
  • Pre-campaign leads generated.

Ask about our monthly program. Marketing doesn’t stop!


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How Does Work?

It Starts with a List.

We Match Your List Online.

We Run Ads for Your Brand Name or Product.

You Get Better Results.

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Common Questions About

The ads show on the sites your prospects are visiting. This includes popular sites like and, but also niche sites like and What determines the site? Your prospect! If they are big fans of British procedurals and end up on your ad does too. We put you where your prospects are.

Campaigns run for under 30 days. We fit the impressions into a short period of time to maximize recognition.

Yes. Ads can be clicked on and prospects will be sent to the web page you want. Display ads have a low click through rate, however, so we think they're good for awareness, not as good for traffic.

In a single day a prospect may see your ad up to 10 times. If your prospect is online multiple times a day they'll see it more. If they are hardly ever online they'll see it less.

This is a recent quote on a list and the Response Plus list. * "Hello XXXX, great to hear from you. For 1000 name list it's $425 - full profile information. For the Response Plus list it's a total of $625 with a guarantee of 5000 impressions in under 30 days. To run the ads monthly will be $200 a month for at least 5000 impressions."

*Each list is different and your actual quote may vary.

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